ELT (English Level Test)

Speaking many languages ​​today, people have always occupied important places in society. Nowadays, it is necessary to know two languages. It is very important to know English as well as our mother tongue. So how well do we know this today?

Developed by DSS Company, "ELT - English Level Test" now offers more than 2300 tests divided into 6 levels to give you information depending on what level of English you know. It is not only about this and does not neglect to inform you about how you should work according to your score.

In our time, studying English started to cost burning money. Not only training, but these exams are becoming more expensive every day. If you want to get out of this and learn what level your education is, "ELT" is for you.

Start learning with Free quizzes by downloading now for free. And remember, the exams here are nothing to worry about. This way, you will learn your most real level of English.

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